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In those previous few months on campus, I made friends who taught me how to share, support, and feel supported by this small family. Studying what the others do and how they did it, followed by doing it with our hands, helped me the most.

تعلم ودعم

AbdEl Rahman Amr

Sophomore Student at Faculty of Mass Communication

Joining the faculty of mass communication was a dream. Experiencing it in the previous semester was fun yet tricky.

I recognized some of my hiding skills and knew what I should work on. 

مهارة وفن

Gana Tarek

Sophomore Student at Faculty of Mass Communication

I benefited greatly from the lectures and sections that I attended throughout this semester, especially on radio and how I deal with people, and I got to know new terms and concepts. Besides, I became able to do montage easily after I learned it professionally during the video lectures. 

علم وممارسة

Rahma Mohamed

Junior Student at Faculty of Mass Communication

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Radio and TV Department

Radio and Television Department at Sinai University - Kantara Campus MCKantara aspires to realize academic merit and achieve professional distinctiveness, to be one of the leading scientific divisions on both national and regional levels.

Journalism Department

The Journalism department aims to prepare remarkable graduates who are qualified for the job market, and to train them with the latest technological techniques in the media field generally and the journalistic field specifically.

Integrated Marketing Communication

Future belongs to integrated marketing communications major. It is a discipline that draws advertising, public relations and marketing.
It pursue careers in consulting firms, public relations agencies, advertising and strategic planning. Undergraduate programs mainly focused on building strong branding and innovative strategies.

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